Welcome to LUMi Resort and Spa! This is the branding for a large, luxurious, arctic resort located in the Finnish Lapland, approximately 250 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. LUMi’s claims to fame are its views of the Northern Lights 8 months out of the year, its unique and vast varieties of accommodations and activities, and its isolated, cultural environment unlike anywhere else in the world. For an area so distanced from city life, there is no shortage of entertainment, food, and pampering. LUMi’s branding aims to highlight all its wonderful features and maintain a sense of Finnish luxury, while being accessible to all languages and cultures. The logo, color scheme, icons, and signage tie LUMi’s identity together.
LUMi was chosen as the resort’s new name for its double meaning. In Finnish, the word “lumi” means “snow” in English. In English, the word “lumi,” is reminicent of light and color, reminiscent of the Northern Lights that are the biggest draw for the resort. The name LUMi perfectly encapsulates the identity of the resort.